In our work, we want nothing more than to have a true connection with our couples and capturing their love and the tender, fleeting moments of their intimate day to relive forever. We believe that love is a greater power that moves and creates endless memories. The fragments, the pieces of joy, the embrace, and laughter are only a few of the many emotions and memories that we share in a wedding. We hope to tell your story, to bring that same feeling back to you forever, to bring those memories, those smiles, those tears, because real love is the best story to tell and we love telling that story.


Born and raised in Venezuela (Yes, she has an accent and speaks fluent Spanish). Founder of Videographic Productions, she's the one that cries behind the lens when there's a speech going on or an emotional moment. Lover of nature and the mountains. She's the goofy one of the two, and the one that does most of the talking during the wedding. 

Some of the things she loves are dancing ( specially Latin music), photography, watching films, hiking, collecting art, skincare, going to the gym to get a sexy body (lol),  being a master chef in the kitchen, playing with Frank and watching Matthew play the guitar.


Born in Malaysia, raised in France. (Yes, very exotic I know!) apart from working with Iheny, he also works in a  oil and gas company handling supply planning. Loves to travel to places with scenic views. He's the calm and collected one but still with a great sense of humor. He has an incredible attention to detail.


Some of the things  he loves are playing guitar and bass (any instrument really if he could) loves drawing doodles, going to the gym and getting gains, metal shows (or any shows in general), true lover of music, hiking,  shoes and his cat Frank.



We are a happy couple just as you are but the only difference is that we tell your story instead of ours! But if you're here is because you want to find out a bit more about us, so here we go! We are art lovers, that when we are not recording we love to go to concerts, watch movies, and take pictures of one another. We are each other's best friend, so we do most activities together. We love cats specially our baby boy Frank he's on Instagram you should check him out! Haha.

Everyday we try to make it as exciting as the first one. When we met was love at first sight. We share the same passion for music, gear (we have a problem we like to buy lots of gear that we probably won't need) eating all sorts of food (but specially cheese), Star Wars, photography, traveling, beer and dancing hip hop pretending we are "pro". At first Videographic Productions was only Iheny but then Matthew joined in and believe me when we tell you life was much better this way. Working with your partner makes your job even more enjoyable and helps with posing, like a lot!

We are blessed to have found each other, everyday we grow together, laugh together, and love each other more. We are super lay back, Iheny is the goofy one, Matthew is the calm and collected one. Together we make a good combo we hope our personalities show in our films, our love for life and love. We also hope you enjoyed reading this.

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