“How do we book?”

To reserve your wedding date, we required a retainer and a signed contract. The final amount will be due the month before your wedding. 

“What’s your style?”

We like to consider our style cinematic, we love to take shots that make it all seem like a movie or a memory when looking back. We are minimalist, we believe in having a small set up allows us  to work unobtrusively into the day so that we can capture the real story.

“Do you do wedding photography?”

No we specialize in video only for weddings, we only do lifestyle photography. We would happily refer you to our preferred photographers.

“Do you travel for destination weddings and elopements?

Yes, we  love to travel!  Absolutely, we love elopements!

“In case something happens to you guys who can cover my wedding?”

We usually never miss our weddings but in case of an emergency, we always have a backup. We work with an additional wedding cinematographer who covers any of our events in case of an emergency.

“Do you shoot family formals?

Only per request, since you already will be having a photographer we don't really find it very necessary we rather focus in more natural moments with your guest.

“How long is the editing process?”

If you have the song list for the video right after your wedding, videos usually take to be submitted 3 months minimum. 

“How do we schedule a pre-wedding session with you?”

Due to our schedule with weddings on the weekends, we have very limited dates on weekends. The best time to schedule a session is from Monday to Thursday and we start the session 1 hour before sunset.

“Do you anything else apart from weddings?”

Yes we do, we also work with a variety of companies to help them better the visuals for social media and marketing. 

We also do family, and lifestyle photography.

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